This thread will be used to archive all new mod rulings, and should be consulted before calling a mod to ask for such.

Upon reflection some of the old rulings should be carried over, because they refer to how the forum works or because they were thoroughly discussed and the context in which they were made is still relatively fresh in memory.
In the latter case, a special exception will be made: The mod ruling may be discussed using new evidence.

How to reopen mod rulings for discussion:

PM the moderator who made it or, if he's retired, PM a current mod. The only mod rulings that are up to discussion are those which are accompanied by a date, in that case you can try debating them using evidence that appeared after that date.

When to ask for mod rulings:

Since they effectively close a subject of discussion, mod rulings shouldn't be asked simply because you think the other person is biased or unreasonable (In that case, ask a mod to judge if they are or not.) but rather because you think all the evidence on a subject has been exposed and the debate is just repeating endlessly.