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Thread: MCU GotG Vs TWD

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    Default MCU GotG Vs TWD

    Lots of initials in that title, right?!

    The MCU Guardians of the Galaxy decide to head to Earth to see Peter's home. Sadly, they inadvertently go through a wormhole that takes them to an alternate Earth - the Walking Dead universe Earth from the TV series.

    They arrive in Missouri at the most current point in the TV series with the following roster: Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket, Groot, Drax, Nebula and Mantis. They all survive unscathed, but their ship is damaged beyond repair. They're stuck.

    1) They immediately seek out friendly assistance and go about fixing the world in whatever way they see fit (whether that be attempting to cure the virus, killing all zombies, keeping people safe or a combination of all three. Whatever you think they're capable of and whatever you believe would be most in-character).
    2) The world immediately sees them as a threat, perhaps even identifying them as the reason the virus spread ("they're from space, they brought the virus with them!"). Word quickly spreads (don't worry about how) and the entire world is against them. Zombies and humans alike want them dead, with all humans seeing them as a common enemy and joining forces.

    What happens in each of those scenarios?

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    1. The walkers aren't really a threat to the guardians, I dont even think they could hurt Drax or Groot. There are a lot of them though they could fly around (they could at least salvage a plane) eliminating major hordes, and Rocket could set up traps and devices to attract walkers and kill them all. They could create some great safe zones protected by powerful weapons, and take out a percentage of the walkers, but I don't think they can completely save the planet. Rocket can create some decent guns and tech but I don't think he can create a cure.

    2. This is a little harder for them, Rocket can set up a lot of traps, and they have weaponry way above anything anyone else has. Eventually if every human on the planet, plus a good number of walkers bare down on them they won't be able to hold out forever. Eventually their tech will probably run out, and get worn down, and they might get overrun. I don't know if they could kill Drax or Groot, or maybe Gamora, but I think eventually something puts then down. Maybe they could rig up a plane and fly away and then hide, but I dont see them taking on every survivor. Eventually they'd rig up a bomb or set fire to whatever shelter the guardians settle in, which might be enough to suffocate the tougher Guardians

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    Scenario 2, yeah no. With the limited resources TWOD survivors have, nothing they have would permanently take down Groot. They might take out every other Guardian, but not Groot.

    So eventually it will just be Groot wandering the earth killing everything that comes at him, like some walking natural disaster.

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