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    Default Survivor Series: AEW vs WWE

    Yesterday was Survivor series, so in honor of that, I've decided to make this match.

    It will be a standard Survivor Series elimination match with 5 man teams, using current AEW and WWE stars. Team Captains start in the ring

    Team AEW
    Cody Rhodes (Captain)
    Jon Moxley
    Orange Cassidy
    Chris Jericho

    Team WWE
    Roman Reigns
    Drew McIntyre
    Adam Cole
    Keith Lee

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    the biggest threats on the E's side are WALTER and keith. AEW can counter reigns, drew and CHUGS easily enough but those two are gonna be problems.

    their best bets are MJF and jericho going for cheating to eliminate them. only OC and mox are tough enough to stand up to WALTER's chops.

    best bet? let MJF and jericho cheat and AEW has a chance. without it? WALTER can take out most of them himself.

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    wwe should just send oldberg to destroy team aew in 3 mins

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