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    Quote Originally Posted by Frobisher View Post
    Destiny never said Moira only had so many lives - only that at some point the cycle would break. Ideally that will be because of her depowering herself after getting life 10 “right”. Otherwise there’s no reason to think it wouldn’t go on indefinitely.
    There's only so many times Moira can go back before dying when she's still a kid without powers.

    Quote Originally Posted by RachelGrey View Post
    Because Moira is not immune to changes in reality and the timeline! Legion's action in the past was when Charles and Erik were young and they are both older than Moria! So if the change occurs before Moira was 13, then nothing that she does can alter the damage Legion did when he accidentally killed Charles before Charles even made his first speech about mutants!
    Moira is only a few years younger than Charles, so when she already met him at that point.

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    If a reality warper believes that Moira is human and creates a new reality, she is probably human in that reality.

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    Don't forget in HoXPoX they explained one of Moira's "deaths" to stuff like the Legacy Virus as them using a robot/android to pretend to be her. It's possible that the Moira you see is not the real one, who might be in some cryogenic sleep or something to keep her from dying somewhere.

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    Everything Moira has done and said in HoX/PoX indicates that this is the real real Moira hiding out in Krakoa's No Place.
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