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SG is basically designed as a huge middle finger to anyone who debates "who would beat who". It's amusing and frustrating simultaneously.
Yes. My understanding is that a writer made her up or started having her fight people as a parody of fight boards and especially of people debating fights between cosmic characters. I get how a writer could get really frustrated when writing a good story and being told it sucks because all that matters is that powers are consistent.

Be that as it may, I think Squirrel Girl is a great parody character. She's cheeky, chatty and has really branched out on the Marvel Family Tree.

But she's useless in a serious rumble because all her victories are off-stage and involve massive P.I.S. In a joke Rumble, anything goes.

In a serious Rumble, I'd buy her beating the Pre-Crisis Batman who generally wasn't nearly as formidable as he later became if I recall.

My image of Matter-Eater Lad is a guy standing there snacking on steel girders so I can believe she can win.

Squirrel Girl does seem to have some degree of superhuman strength and superhuman speed even without P.I.S.

Not sure on Saturn Girl. Does Squirrel Girl have good resistance to mind control? In a joke thread, they would decide they were sisters and should form their own team because they both have the same initials. SG would show SG how to single-handedly kick the Anti-Monitor's booty and prevent the Crisis from happening.