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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Soul # 7 View Post
    I think he wanted to do a Doctor Who style story with Silver Surfer standing in for the Doctor, so a companion was needed.
    i dug dawn. she was a fun character.

    and norrin having dinner with her family was hilarious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Len Ikari145 View Post
    Oh. Thank God. I thought you were indicating that they were trying to sell us on a female Silver Surfer story, which would be stupid since there is no way Norrin would give up his powers to someone else and allow an innocent to suffer through the occupation of being an harbinger of death.
    That was the OTHER Dan Slott story.
    Yeah, but if you... man, we're getting into weird analogy territory, like if you disintegrated Superman's arms he wouldn't be able to go "fool! Little did you know that my arms and I are one and can be remade from me!" and will his arms back into being from pure nothingness. - Pendaran

    Arxiros "Arx" Inosaan | Inanna

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    Quote Originally Posted by master of read View Post
    another stupid point: franklin was ID'd as a mutant when he was a toddler. you mean to tell me that as a baby, franklin not only knew of what mutants were but also aware of his powers enough to change himself to be a mutant?
    Toddler is right.


    Frankie's powers go back a long way.

    And as he was born with them, it counts as mutation.

    Ah, the glory days! Take me back, take me back....

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