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    Default Contest of Champions: The Power Princess (616)

    Inspired in part by the Thor-Mjolnir worthiness and Phoenix host competition thread, I've decided that it's time to start penning a story about the 616 version of Power Princess.

    What I need are candidates. With apologies to the male identifying heroes, this particular contest is for women only. I need about 20 good suggestions, none of whom necessarily need to be women with current powers or even roles as heroes/villains presently; supporting normal characters are welcome. Tell me who you'd like to see become Marvel's next premier champion. (Character matters, so choose wisely. )


    As many of you know, Power Princess is the Marvel analogue for Wonder Woman. And as many of you know, the title of Wonder Woman is the award presented to the winner of an Olympics-like martial contest among the Amazons. While the title of Power Princess is also a mantle, we're going to diverge a bit and set aside the tribal leanings of the competition. Open to every woman that is native to the 616 universe, the Power Princess Competition (PPC) is established by Infinity (Eternity's female aspect) and Nemesis (also known as the 3rd Cosmos, the one that originally embodied the Infinity Stones, and the creator of the first hero, "Lifebringer One," according to Ewing's telling). Each entity sensed a dangerous vulnerability in the current structure of the 616 universe and combined a fraction of their powers to create a new champion. While thousands of women from around the universe competed secretly in the PPC, my story takes place during the final competition between the last 20 contestants. The main PPC event will include Ulana the Watcher serving as gamesmaster/master of ceremonies. The winner of the competition receives the title, various new powers and superhuman attributes, and more importantly, the responsibility of the Power Princess (616).

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    1-Valkyrie (Brunhilde)
    3-Thundra's daughter Lyra
    4-Jane Foster (Thor)/Valkyrie
    7-Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)
    10-She-Thing (Shary)
    11-Warrior Woman (Nazi Freida)
    12-Warrior Woman (Hippolyte)
    14-Red She-Hulk (Betty)
    15-She-Hulk (Jen)
    18-Tamara Rahn
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    01. Abominatrix (Florence Sharples)
    02. Adrenazon (Adrian Lynn)
    03. Angela (Aldrif Odinsdottir)
    04. Adrienne Brashear
    05. Monica Chang
    06. Delilah
    07. Echo (Maya Lopez)
    08. Free Spirit (Cathy Webster)
    09. Frenzy (Joanna Cargill)
    10. Geiger (Delilah Dearborn)
    11. Harpy (Margo Chandler-Jones)
    12. Jackpot (Sara Ehret/Alana Jobson)
    13. Jewel (Jessica Jones)
    14. Knockout (Elizabeth Rawson)
    15. Miss America (America Chavez)
    16. Miss Thing (Darla Dearing)
    17. Annabelle Riggs
    18. Shamrock (Molly Fitzgerald)
    19. Vagabond (Priscilla Lyons)
    20. Vantage (Dallas Riordan)

    From my list Adrienne Brashear but overall Warrior Woman (Hippolyta) from Phoenixx9 list which is almost a given.
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