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    Quote Originally Posted by csmith25 View Post
    Netflix: Overall most used. Doesnt mean best content, but the volume of content helps with finding something you should want to watch

    Disney+ : mostly for the kids, but having Star Wars and Marvel content anytime is great.

    Hulu: "free" through cell provider. Wife uses it consistently, I dont use it much.

    Prime Video: probably least used. Only positive for me has been Man in The High Castle, Orphan Black, and Mr. Robot. Ms. Maisel isnt bad, either. Haven't been thrilled with most of their original content so far.
    Really Prime is easily the one I watched the most especially with Originals like

    The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
    The Man In The High Castle
    The Expanse
    Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan
    Good Omens
    The Boys
    Carnival Row

    My kids watch mostly Stan and a little Netflix (The latter is mainly watched by the eldest daughter, and my wife watches the crown on it, she watches mostly Foxtel Now).

    Literally each service we pay for is for a different member of the family. Youngest daughter watches a lot of free YouTube. Son a lot of twitch.

    Also use the free ones like, VUDU, Tubi, Pluto TV, Peacock, XUMO, and IMDB. There are others but use these the most
    yeah we also use all the free to air station apps for catch up, Tubi, old movies, Red Bull TV.

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    Don't have traditional TV since 2008.

    Netflix, Hulu, VUDU (catch all for digital purchases with discs, sometimes have deep deals on good stuff), D+, and ESPN+.

    Really only miss sports but I can get nearly 99% of those on YouTube, over-the-air, or other internet services.
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