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    Quote Originally Posted by SiegePerilous02 View Post
    Before he got to that point, he dated a mermaid so he and Diana really aren't that different. They're pretty much even when it comes to weird love interests in that they both dated Mer people. She only has one more, Bird Boy, but I'm sure someone more well versed in obscure Golden/Silver Age Superman lore can find another weird love interest to match that.

    And his marriage with Lois should never be normal considering how bonkers their courtship days were.
    I'm not talking about their dating history. I'm talking about their backgrounds and personalities (or at least my prefered personalities). Clark's main thing is that he's an alien living a normal life as a reporter, and was raised by a simple and warm couple. He really values the relationship between his parents as an adopted kid. Plus the fact that he's one of the last kryptonians and thus would probably want to take that step in reviving his people by having children of his own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alpha View Post
    Look guys, Steve shouldn't have the same significance that Lois Lane has, not even because of who he is as a character, but because Diana should have a love life that isn't so percluded to the two types she keeps hooking up with, the "douche with a heart of gold" and the "pure hearted man of action catalog model".

    Trevor Barnes was the most unique out of all her pairings, but I still want Diana to date more weird people. The one good thing I can say about the Kanigher romances is that most of them were freaks, AND THAT'S GREAT!!!!

    Clark Kent is the exact type of person that would want a normal life-long relationship and kids, but Diana is much more adventurous and I for one am sick of seeing her having such boring romantic interests.
    Can I just agree, with all of that? I think the idea that Diana's got to be stuck in this instant-marriage, with heroic Col. Steve, since 1941, archaic and weird!

    Why should she be? She doesn't need to be chained to this man, no matter how virtuous he is, for protection of her virtue, in the Middle Ages. Wonder Woman left Paradise Island, because Amazon law forbade Steve to be there, and because she wanted to fight for freedom and justice, in the outside world, her Amazon sisters had, in classical times. She left, because nothing in the Amazon myth or even Marston's mythos shows any daughter of Hippolyta would ever be content to sit on an embroidered pillow, in a palace, never having earned her Amazon stripes ..or tasted her sisters' fight for freedom. That should be enough; she doesn't need love for Steve to justify what she sacrifices to be Wonder Woman.

    Pardon me, while I dial down my inner Carol A. Strickland. God bless that feminist comics historian.*

    I would add, for myself, that Wonder Woman should date any lagoon creature, dragonslayer god, vampire, Redbeard the Pirate or World War II fighter pilot, she wants. So, now, she's got (almost forgot) ..Siggy! Siegfried, as envisioned by Michael W. Conrad and Becky Cloonan, is an irreverent, metrosexual Asgardian, with arcane knowledge, sure to come in handy on bizarre missions, abroad! Why shouldn't she sno-au...befriend [Koff, koff.] a man, who isn't Kryptonian or a masked vigilante, who actually brings something useful to her peculiar line of work?

    Anyway, Alpha said it, fine. More than fine.

    *Carol was badass, before we started calling it that. Look alive, Kangalier!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sebastianne View Post

    I guess they didn't use The Spectre because he dies at the end of Infinite Frontier #0, but Hera also dies, although later she is quite alive in the Wonder Girl comic.... And Diana brings her back, but supposedly she had been killed by Janus and not by Darkseid. How many Heras are out there?
    How many HERAS are there? Great Hera!

    I think Brian's obsessive, 52 Hera and Marston's Queen Desira of Venus are two of a bold kind. They're both strong-willed, comically bombastic women, entitled to their way and more than happy to remind you of that! They're so much fun to read, interacting with Wonder Woman. If I can't have one, back in the comic, I'll gladly take the other, ..and I think Diana needs that lumpy chowder to challenge her level-headedness, sometimes. Like...

    Diana's going, "I've got the wisdom of Athena, and I know you're a queen and all, but, giu-urrrll...for'realz - you bout' to push my la-aasst nerve! For'realz!"

    Wonder Woman needs a bug in her bonnet, sometimes, ye all. Keeps it fresh!

    Anyway, if the last arc is any indication, I'm looking forward to what Cloonrad has in store, for memorable, appropriately quirky supporting characters in WW.
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    I don't really want to see Wonder Woman date half animal people like she does in the Kanigher era...
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