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    Marcio Takara will be the new artist, I do not know if I am familiar with his art, which he has been drawing lately?

    Quote Originally Posted by SiegePerilous02 View Post
    The solicit and Conrad's tweet about an old villain makes me think we will see the Image Maker from this Silver Age issue:

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    Yeah! Michael said it hasn't been used in 50 years, so it's very likely.

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    I'm guessing the ex in the solicit is Steve?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzzy Mittens View Post
    Its not even a lasso of truth is the thing!
    Like, Peng Deilan is a snake from thousands of years ago that cultivated her spirit to the point that she could assume human form. And she became so awesome at this that shes also able to make weapons out of her own body when she transforms. (same logic for how you see animals shapeshift into clothes wearing people)
    Her lasso is literally an extension of herself and moves according to her will because it is literally a part of her body like a snakes tail
    And theeeeere in a nutshell is why Peng Deilan isn't more popular. That's a lot to swallow.

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