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    I kinda liked the Swiss army knife bracelets that allow her to create/pull any weapon out. It's a cool way to incorporate a little magic, a little martial arts, different cultures and fighting styles.

    Maybe something that more closely binds Diana to the Moon? Since comic books love their word play and all haha. She's had astral projection, and I think Tynion positioned the Moon as the collective unconscious. Could be cool to find some Moon related powers for Diana, whether it's some lunar aura or launching collective unconscious astrally projectiony moon bits at enemies.

    Or to play off a previous poster, what if her Domain was Moon based and allowed her to manipulate gravitational fields? She clangs her bracelets together and her eyes go white and then we see both of them floating in space with planets and moons and then Diana breaks a moon/uses gravity powers to decimate her opponents. Or maybe something like a reverse Deadman where she can pull an opponents astral projection out of their bodies and they can fight in the realm of the collective unconscious.

    Could also be a way to contrast with the Lasso of Truth empowered by Hestia's flames. Which should be hyped more, too.

    Just spitballing here lol.

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    I'm cool with expanding her astral plane connection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DABellWrites View Post
    Writers need to start using her other powers more. I hate people say "she needs to be differentiated from". She is, her writers have been lazy and doesn't use her full arsenal.
    Which other powers? I'd be all for Wonder Woman bringing back some of the underused abilities

    Quote Originally Posted by Alpha View Post
    I'm cool with expanding her astral plane connection.
    I think that would be a good idea. It's sort of a mystical power, so it fits more in with her mythological background, IMO
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