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    Well I do think they took liberties with the character, by humanizing him too much (and the Rancor to), but outside that....

    I'm enjoying the show, quality stuff.

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    The truth is that Disney didn't ruin Boba Fett - Lucas beat them to it by a few decades.

    After that scene, everything else is a reclamation project.
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    That's one of the things I find so intriguing about Boba and his popularity.

    In the films, the guy did almost nothing. He looks cool, but his only real claim to fame is tracking the Falcon to Cloud City. That's it. Vader does everything else; captures Han and tortures everyone to lure Luke to him. Then Boba dies in one of the most ridiculous, insulting ways possible. Yet Boba is one of the most popular characters in the franchise.

    I always thought the mystery of Boba was a major reason for his popularity, and feared the show would damage him simply by showing too much. And while Boba was far from the badass I hoped for, I do think that learning more about him didn't help any.

    Personally, I thought the show was acceptable, and that's it. If there's a season 2, they better amp up the badass elements and give us a crime boss worth paying attention to.
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