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Following just behind Jamie, they headed for the stairs and down towards the dining room. As they did, they passed Boris.

Jinny looked at him, "I thought you'd be at the dining room by now, or are you waiting for us here? I don't know about you, but I could use some food. Didn't eat much last night."

With that, she continued walking, catching up to Jamie just as they reached the doorway and entered inside.

Grabbing a plate, Jinny scanned the offerings on the buffet table, finally settling on an omelet, a bagel with vegetable cream cheese, bacon, a small cup of mixed fruit, and orange juice. She considered the coffee or tea but decided to save that for later.

As she did, she looked around at the others already there. Finding a seat, she listened to what was being talked about as she began eating.

Boris arrives at the dining room looks at the offerings on the buffet table. he grabs potato pancakes, Syrniki, sausages, Nalisnikis, eggs on top of Shkvarky ( chopped and fried pork fat). Various types of slice cheese.

An apple, a Boiled Buckwheat Kasha, and Polenta Porridge with white cheese, Boris then finds a seat. Boris has the following slices of cheese on his plate. Urdă, Hrudka, Bryndza, Dobrodar, and Cheddar cheese.

Boris starts to eat his breakfest.