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    Here are 3 points I want to make:

    1) I do not know.....using Chaos (magicks) to get an ordered outcome (desired outcome) seems.....odd. Chaos is not ordered and no one can order it, which is why it is chaotic.

    2) Even in the earliest days, Wanda did get desired outcomes to her hexes in some issues. I will list a few instances here, which are covered in a number of books. These are off the top of my head (so are out of order) but provided so as to avoid an influx of "no she did nots!".

    These are ALL desired outcomes Wanda wanted:
    --Causing drapes to catch fire to reveal the true enemy
    --Shattering the glass cylinder holding herself prisoner
    --Shattering a huge undersea dome
    --Shattering Cap's steel restraints
    --Shattering the tiny capsule holding Wasp hostage without injuring Wasp
    --Snapping the bands holding Goliath hostage
    --Stopping the ultra-powerful energy bolt of Ixar that was targeted directly at her

    3) The wizard Kaluu was the first person noted in comics who specifically used Chaos Magic, which is way before Wanda. He is considered the most powerful living black magic human user by some. However, most texts today do not include the Chaos Magic part, now that it is widely associated with Wanda. But Chaos Magic was his Black Magic part and he even taught it to Dr Strange. He also has White Magic, spells and special items of power and even tap into life forces for energy.
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