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Boy am I hearing my ears buzzing, don't have the energy to deal with it, but has anyone also mentioned that other, older Atlantis, that Hickman had the FF discover?

After all, everything is connected. It really is, and it will probably come up again. I agree that some sloppy stuff happened with the Savage Land at the end of Ka-zar's very old series, which I mostly loved.

I've always argued for the logic that so much vast time has happened and so many colonies and other kingdoms and sub groups of all these folks have occurred that it would be a matter of fact that there are genetic mixings, some shared culture and ideas, etc.
We really don't get much info other than them saying they are super old, and Namor is a young upstart of a ruler, he should mind his elders etc. and nothing has been said about them since. So at this point we just add it to list of "atlantis history one writer wrote about but it was totally fogotten by the next writer who came along".