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    Default Dick Grayson: Robin/Nightwing/Agent 37 Appreciation 2021


    Nightwing Returns in March 2021

    Its a new year, so here is to a better Nightwing in 2021.
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    Most definitely, things are looking great for Grayson to launch off the year

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    Scott McDaniel will always be my favorite artist for Nightwing (Dick Grayson):

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    I bring a Newsarama

    Newsarama: Tom, perhaps the biggest surprise in the announcement of you taking over Nightwing and DC's subsequent solicitation copy for March's issue #78 was the addition of Barbara Gordon as a main cast member.

    In the Death Metal: Last Stories of the DC Universe, Dicks and Babs get married— sort of—for the night. How does that inform their relationship in your series?

    Tom Taylor:
    An alternate universe tale set in the future doesn't really inform our story, but everything Nightwing and Batgirl have been through over the years does.

    I love the relationship they have. They're great partners and there have been some great stories for the two. We want to tell the next chapter of Babs and Dick's story.

    Our series is informed by Gail Simone, Chuck Dixon, Scott McDaniel, Tim Seeley, Nicola Scott, Kyle Higgins, Devin Grayson, and so many more wonderful creators.

    Nrama: Sticking with Batgirl, by Nightwing's side do you mean fighting crime on the streets and rooftops. Will Batgirl still be an active superhero?

    Yes. Batgirl will be an active hero. Actually, she'll be two active heroes. The challenges and threats facing Blüdhaven will need Nightwing, Batgirl, and Oracle.

    Nrama: The solicit for your Nightwing debut states the story "takes Nightwing to the next stage of his evolution as a hero!" What can you tell readers about how Nightwing will evolve?

    Part of this is evolution, and part of this is just acknowledging that Nightwing belongs alongside DC's A-listers.

    Dick Grayson has been a hero for eighty years. He's lived in the shadow of the bat for much of that time, but my favorite Dick stories are his own when he's the main man. When he's leading the Titans or the Justice League or just standing against it all as a lone vigilante.

    Our series is definitely about Nightwing. It's about why he's such a good hero and pushing that further. In the first issue, an opportunity is going to come his way which will test him in a way he's never been tested.

    What he chooses to do with this will demonstrate how different he is from Bruce Wayne. This isn't about Gotham. This is about Blüdhaven. This is about a lost, corrupted city ruled by fear and calling out for a hero. This is about a hero stepping out of the shadows to answer the call and to push back against the darkness as a positive, entertaining, compassionate force for good.

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    Happy New Year everyone, and here's to all of us (including Grayson) having a better 2021 than we had a 2020!

    Now, you know what makes me interested in that interview Restingvoice posted? The line about "stepping out of the shadows...and to push back against the darkness as a positive, entertaining...."

    Kind of makes me think Nightwing is going to be a much more public and interactive hero, rather than the shadowy stalker of evil. A more "Superman" approach to heroism, rather than a "Batman" one. And I'm really digging that. Maybe I'm wrong and Taylor will have Dick, I dunno, run for mayor or something, but my takeaway is that we're going to see Dick in the spotlight, dealing with the public the way guys like Flash and Clark do. I'm down with that.
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    2021 is looking good for Nightwing! Last year as the worst we could imagine for him, but like Harvey Dent said in TDK "The night is darkest just before the dawn."

    This is what we can expect this year:

    Nightwing #78 by Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo

    Future State Nightwing

    Future State Teen Titans

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    Happy New Year everyone, I hope this will a prosperous year for Nightwing. Hopefully Taylors run is noteworthy
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