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The purple hair was one of my favorite features. It's a hope of mine the purple/green color scheme makes it way over to a possible movie version.
Same here!! I just love that look. I wouldn't even mind if the producers of a potential Circe-featuring WW3 changed her costume completely (they likely will) as long as they keep her hair purple and the main color of her costume green. It would make my fangirling heart so happy!

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I love how the writers confirm Debbie Domaine doesn't have powers but they also have her jumping off the Washing Monument and easily defeating Wonder Woman.
That's not sarcasm by the way, I find it genuinely entertaining.

Is it crazy of me to want all three female Cheetahs to appear in WW3? Even as a passing reference or an Easter egg, I just find that all three had their charm. By the way...is that image from a Justice League book? Did Perez draw any Wonder Woman issue before he wrote/draw his revamp of the title???