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    Default Star Wars Marvel Comics - Where to Start?

    Hey everyone! And happy New Year!

    I've always had a a vague interest in Star Wars.. have seen the movies, dabbled in the animated series, played video games casually. But after watching Mandalorian, I think I'm going to go back and really watch everything intently. I'd also like to begin reading the Marvel comics. Is there a good place to start? Things to look out for or avoid? I don't mind reading in paperbacks, but I'd like to eventually catch up and read the single issues.


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    I guess the main series that started with Aaron in 2015.

    I've enjoyed the various Darth Vader series they've put out.

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    There doesn't seem to be any Mandalorian stuff right now but they are reportedly getting some novels and comics ready later this year.

    As mentioned there's probably the best place with the Aaron Star Wars and the first volume of Darth Vader, which ran at the same time and crossed over a bit (especially with the "Vader down" storyline). The first 75 issues take place between ANH and ESB. When GIlleon takes over he adds some more material from the Disney films (For example, references to Rogue One and Solo). The title ends at 75 but was then relaunched taking place after ESB.

    The second Darth Vader volume deals with Vader's activities between Revenge of the Sith and the OT. It also features the Inquisitors from Rebels and the Fallen Order video game. There's also some background to his relationship with Tarkin. The final arc ties into Rogue One, revealing how and why Vader built a castle on Mustafar.

    The third volume, like the first, is running now although it's had some delays due to Covid, first arc had Vader return to Naboo (and featuring several TPM side characters), current arc ties into Rise of Skywalker with Mustafar again as well as Ochii from that movie.

    There's also a spin-off of Vader featuring Dr. Arpha, who was a space archaeologist who helped Vader build a droid army. It's more comedy than anything else, but it's pretty much the only major SW product with an LGBT character as lead.

    There are also several miniseries focusing on individual characters. The first few deal with Leia, Maul, Anakin & Obi-Wan etc. Info and opinions on a variety of interests.

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