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From the article on the new book (linked above):

Those who read the previous Moon Knight run by Max Bemis will recall some big developments in Spector's personal life, as it revealed that one of Spector's other personas struck things up with Marlene and they had a daughter, Diatrice. While it won't be something that this series focuses on, Marlene does eventually have a role to play in the series.

"While it's not something that's going forgotten, it's not a thread we're going to be following right away. In good time we'll learn how Marlene responded to the aftermath of the Age of Khonshu," MacKay said.
Ha, I don't remember the Bemis run but I liked it. Time for a reread. Since I haven't read anything positive about Jason Aaron on CBR in years I skipped Age of Khonshu. A long time ago I liked his Scalped, though.