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    Isn't art supervised by the writers? Because it's the first time I hear about a possible discrepancy. In AoA Al Ewing discussed the art with Lee Garbett (I guess everyone has seen the protopanel where Old Loki slips across the page to infest Thor's mind) . I thought it was the same in all collaborations?
    IDK, I start to get the feeling that Cates enjoys Thor the way he is now (although to me he's too assertive and aggressive) and he might be writing Loki in the same vein. Like gods who are above anything human. Or - a big OR we are right in our anticipations, and this path leads Thor to self-destruction, but then we have to see if Loki follows him.

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    i mean, there is a script that the artist is following, but if it's not super specific about each and every expression, there will be some interpretation by the artist. Some take more liberties than others. I was at a panel once, and Bill Willingham was telling a story about how the artist just threw in whole new panels he had never included in the script, just because he thought it looked nice, and he just had to work with it. And some artist collaborations are closer than others, too. Donny Cates is good friends with his collaborator on Venom, Ryan Stegman, but I don't know if that is the case with Klein. And all this can change the intent of the scene, it does happen. This happened with Hank Pym. He was labeled an abuser because the artist drew what the writer intended to be like, a light slap done by accident, as a violent and powerful and very intentional slap.

    This is very minor compared to that, and if there was a disconnect, it probably just was not considered worth the time to fix it, because it is minor. they are under deadlines and they can't be going around nitpicking every panel if the book is to be printed on time.

    And I still think Cates is setting Thor up for a lesson, it's just got to build some first.

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