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    Quote Originally Posted by Dermie View Post
    Fair enough, and I agree they should create more new villains that expand that representation. I was also disappointed to see her go that fast.

    I guess the thing that surprised me about your reaction was the severity of it. I saw her early death and went "oh, that's too bad" and moved on--but from what you've said it sounds like your reaction was more like "this sucks; I no longer have any interest in reading this miniseries at all". Of course, you've always had a special fondness for snake-themed villains, so it hit you in a sensitive spot.
    Well, yeah, and I had no interest in the others in the cast (maybe Rhino, but he also dipped out fast). She could've joined the Serpent Society!

    Speaking of which, if Rosenberg had planned to use other villains, I wonder if he had Sidewinder in Snakehead's role since they're both teleporters.

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    so is this a dirty dozen type series now? random deaths?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hypestyle View Post
    so is this a dirty dozen type series now? random deaths?
    Probably not so much now, maybe Mister Fear, but we're close to the half point of the story (it's just 3 issues) and while Kingpin states everybody died in the mission, at least Taskmaster and Batroc have enough pull I don't expect them to die, just go underground.

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    I hope this miniseries sells well enough to get them to do an ongoing, maybe they fake their death and Star and Batroc could end up on a more straightforward T-Bolts crew. Could really need some resolution to Abner missing, Jolt actually doing something in the 616, and whatever Ghost has going on with his love in AI form.

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