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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingdom X View Post
    You’re totally right and I ultimately think the X-Office should have done a better job of distributing the characters. Marauders and Excalibur certainly could have spared one of their more well-known characters to give this book at least a bit of a bump.
    It did very much have the feel of those who launched first getting first pick, while the second wave had to make do with the characters that were left. But I expect a lot of that was also up to editorial wanting the big names out there in that first round of books.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
    She did but I wouldnt buy the book for her as it was a quick cameo
    With at least another Board Member still to be revealed, Wind Dancer's appearance might hint at it being her. As it stands, she'd fit into the cast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingdom X View Post
    Someone just told me that Wind Dancer shows up in X-Corp too. We eating good y'all.
    And she now has a title and job too

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    Can I just say how much I love that the three full-time teachers of the Academy X era (Karma, Dani, and Northstar) just do not trust Xavier's intentions towards the younger generation of mutants, even on Krakoa? It’s just such a neat bit of character continuity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingdom X View Post
    Yup. Wind Dancer just got a legitimate role acting as an ambassador for Krakoa to Mojoverse and now we may never get to see that explored.

    Maybe X-Factor should have had at least one A-lister in the roster to increase it's popularity, but it was really a blessing for forgotten characters.
    end of spoilers
    X-Factor should have had Nightcrawler IMO and should have been the go-to book for existential explorations. Spurrier really isn't my thing and the first Way of X is my least favorite of his X-Work so far.

    After losing Polaris, Kurt, Mystique, and bigger doses of Speed and Wind Dancer would've been great.

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