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    Happy birthday, and congratulations on winning.

    If nobody chose a birthday theme before, this week will be a perfect time for it.
    That is, the heritage of the Kryptonian Warrior: Kal-El, son of Jor-El
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    Looks like I'll have to move past gameplay footage

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    The new contest is up, peeps!
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    Quote Originally Posted by worstblogever View Post
    Going with LordMikel because I own that book.

    TBH, though, there are no bad choices this week. At all.
    Thanks for the vote and congrats to WPP.
    I think restorative nostalgia is the number one issue with comic book fans.
    A fine distinction between two types of Nostalgia:

    Reflective Nostalgia allows us to savor our memories but accepts that they are in the past
    Restorative Nostalgia pushes back against the here and now, keeping us stuck trying to relive our glory days.

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    Congratulations to WestPhillyPunisher for a Dave Johnson cover which was a Decidedly Communistic turn for our fabled hero.

    As to the "peak of the week" and what the captain has learned, wow. The captain had very little idea of what a variety and size of a book of work Dave Johnson has produced. Just when one thinks of him as "that Vertigo cover guy", we see main stream superhero works by him. He's obviously talented, imaginative, with a wide variety of inspirational sources. He may also have a few stinkers out there, but as is common here, the stinkers rarely ever surface. This week has been a pleasant surprise and is one where much has truly been learned.
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    This week I learned that there is an artist named Dave Johnson.

    Seriously, I'd never heard of him before. Thanks for broadening my world!

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday to WPP!
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