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    Oh, and the only part of my collection I've seriously considered culling is my single issue collection. I did bring that side of my collection down immensely a few years ago, when I was living in an apartment and decided to trim down my longboxes. I got rid of a lot of floppies which weren't worth much and I didn't care to own anymore, so I filled up 5-6 longboxes and put them next to a garbage dumpster where I noticed kids wait for a schoolbus next to.....I watched with a smirk on my face as the kids strolled up to their schoolbus stop, noticed the longboxes, then they started pillaging through them. After they were done, a fat black dude was putting garbage away in the dumpster, noticed the longboxes, looked into them, then he quickly ran to his car, drove up, and put the longboxes in his trunk, lol.

    I currently have around 20-25 longboxes, and although this predominantly consists of issues I like, I've thought about trimming it down big-time to only 5-6 longboxes and getting rid of the rest via eBay auctions and the like. Maybe even sell them to (Which I've done many times in the past, it's how I've slightly kept that part of my collection in check). The sales I've done to were convenient. I'd rack up a bunch of credit, and eventually buy an omnibus or what have you. That's how I got the Thor by J Michael Straczynski omnibus, as well as the variant Captain Britain omnibus (Alan Moore).

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    I really only get trades if it's easier to buy, or if it's a short mini that I don't mind trade buying.

    Usually, i'll stick to classic Spider-man stuff (epics And complete editions) but otherwise I tend to get floppies for my current comics.

    Also, i prefer thicker trades to smaller ones. One of the reasons I don't trade wait is that I hate waiting Six months for five issues when i could just read them monthly.
    I prefer more complete editions where i get a bunch more story.

    Also I never read digital.

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    Depends if it's a series that I have but don't have easy access to as singles like Supergirl by Peter David then the TPBs or HCs are easy way for me to re-read a series that I love with destroying my back to get them. In some cases it's the only way that I'll ever read an issue or a classic story before I was born like Action Comics Archives or Marvel Masterworks because of the extreme cost and rarity of those issues.

    If it's a series that I love like JHW3/Blackman run on Batwoman buying the single issues and TPBs or HCs is a way that I show my support of the series and/or the creators and to tell the publisher, DC in that case, that "I enjoyed that run and that I will support the series." This is extremely rare for me now of days due to cost.

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