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Do you think maybe Nick Fury Jr is already manipulated by Nighthawk here? Personally, I want to believe Fury is actually playing "brainwashed" with Nighthawk and waiting the right moment to blow up his head.

Also, I can see Black Cat and Star making references to Spidey, but while there are points where they will definitely share, I'm pretty sure Felicia won't let Star to laugh off Spidey's heart, as that's one of the things Felicia has come to appreciate of him the most.
God I hope so, they need to make this Nick fury close to the real deal or the MCU one.

That is correct.I just hope the writers remember that.
They do weird sh*t sometimes, like Black Cat Ant Man or Black Cat DD while making Spidey a jealous side guy.Kinda hate when they do that because it's so out of character but ignorance is Bliss.