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    Quote Originally Posted by TresDias View Post
    Would it not be more accurate to say "the entire universe was saved because of their actions"? In light of that, I'm quite confident that, should any of these guys go on trial, any transgressions would be forgiven.

    I believe it was in the first issue of this series that it established that the approaching Earth is only visible within the "Incursion Point." Outside that area, everything appears normal.

    Unless the nature of the Incursions causes any use of Infinity Gems/Forever Glass/longevity trinkets to shatter them on the first use, which seems to be the case. We know that the Great Society simply used their combined Forever Glass, the Wishing Box, to move their Earth out of phase rather than as an instrument directed at the Incursions or at the other universe -- and it still shattered.
    Thank you for the clarification.

    Well, Namor and BP, as I said, could claim some sort of diplomatic immunity since they actually blew up other planets to save the universe but in the last instance it was only Namor willing to blow up an inhabited world and only the new Cabal continuing to keep the 616 universe going. The Galactic Council would probably be pretty angry they allied all their forces to Earth's heroes in Infinity to protect it and then most of the Illuminati were going to allow the incursion to wipe out the entire universe because of their last minute ethical guilt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark View Post
    Funny everyone says that the GS were only hoping, as I recall in AvX it was nearly all about Hope. What if it turns out that their hope was actually another heavy hitter who hadn't shown up yet?
    In the first place, I don't think most of us judge our fiction based on "what if" scenarios we have no reason to believe exist. A "what if" no one knew was coming and hasn't been implied to doesn't factor into the circumstances we do know about.

    Second, no such heavy hitter could have been coming. It had been firmly established that the Great Society were their world's only remaining heroes.

    Third, if the Great Society had a cosmic being on the way who was going to fix everything, they would have mentioned it instead of saying they had nothing but hope.

    Fourth, and most obviously, things were down to ten minutes and no one else had shown up.

    No one was coming.
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    The Illuminati may be a representation of that documentary, the United States of Secrets, "The Program", where the POTUS makes decisions for the American public he isn't authorised to make. Hickman may have tapped into that bullheadedness that makes people think they know what's better for everybody else, and only they know how to do that? The argument then becomes, is it right that the Illuminati does this in extraordinary circumstances, or, should the constitution overrule the Illuminati? Captain America takes the view that the constitution needs to be adhered too, and those who break the law are made to answer for their sins.

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