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    Default How necessary/key or hard will buying issue Gwenom VS #1 be in 5 months?

    I know this is a strange question but because of 2020 that cause alot of various problems (as it did for so many) financials are very tight for me. I severely cut my budget on comics and other life joys but non needs. Now it's one comic issue per month when before I use to get about ten+ issues a month.
    I entered the world of comics thanks to Edge of the Spider-Verse #2 catching my attention and loving it. But now I have to be super picky and wait for super sales on issues that has my interest. For this month I was planning on getting this weeks Gwenom #1 but a commission job I did hasn't been fully paid for yet. Normally I don't spend beyond $10 on Variants but I very much like that 1:25 Variant (I really enjoy the artist's work and style) and decided if I did save up or sacrifice the next 5 months comics budget just to have the chance to buy it (which is looking unlikely with the prices I'm seeing) it will hang on my wall as art (as I don't see any reason just to buy something costly just to store it in a comic bin never to be seen agian by eyes).

    Without any spoilers how many people not just enjoyed the issue but also based on your take how hard will it be to find this issue come maybe 5 months from now? Do you think I would be able to not just enjoy it but able to buy it in dollar bins? Do you think reprints might happen or no?

    Asking as a person that needs to watch my budget and making long term plans for everything till I can find a new job or series of new commissions.
    Without any spoilers if possible will this be seen possibly as a 'key' or 'origins' issue going foward or a issues promises big things but reality #2 is the 'key' issues or nothing? I don't normally sell issues I buy but collect but if I found it necessary like I did for a few comics i had in 2020 will this issues have value and best try to find a mint condition if possible now or don't have to rush?

    Update: Just went to a my local comic store to see and it was sold out. To compare it to other shops and how they are hurting my local shop that I try to go to first to support is a small store and before 2020 use to get maybe 20 Spider-man issues when the latest issue came out. 2020 hurt them and now they get just 4 Spider-man issues to sell such as thus weeks issue that just came out.
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