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    Default Star Wars Games You Want to See

    With the announcement of Ubisoft's open world game the biggest takeaway I got from it is that it's no longer exclusive to EA. Now that the license is free who would you like to see develop a Star Wars game?

    Project Soul - Developers of the Soul Calibur games. I definitely want a 3D fighter. I enjoyed Vadar, Yoda and Starkiller appearances in SC4 and it would awesome if they got to work on a full fledged Star Wars game.

    Omega Force - Developers of the Musou games, best known as Dynasty Warriors here in the west. This style of game would fit the series like a glove. Set it during the Clones Wars so we can have a big selection of Jedi and Clones to mow down legions of battle droids.

    Platinum Games - The fame developers of great character action games like Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising. A revived Force Unleashed series would be right up their alley.

    Digital Extremes - Developers of Warframe. I would like to see them make a new Dark Forces/Jedi Academy. Given how well Warframe combines third person shooting and melee combat I think they can pull off a game like it.

    Insomniac Games - Developers of Ratchet & Clank and PS4 Spider-Man. I want them to develop a new Republic Commando or a game starring the Bad Batch. I was a big fan of the Resistance games in the PS3 era and it would be cool to see them return to that style of game. Given their pedigree for creative weaponry it should be fun what they will think up within Star Wars.

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    I just want that Rogue Squadron compilation they completed for the Wii but never released.

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    - Jedi Sequel and possible Spin offs for Luke/Grogu and High Republic
    - Battlefront 3 with all six eras of Star Wars (High Republic, Prequels/Clone Wars, Rise of Empire/Rebels, Original Trilogy, New Republic and First Order/Resistance)
    - Open World Game like Red Dead 2, Skyrim or Witcher 3 as Bounty Hunter Character in Original Trilogy or New Republic Era with multiple planets
    - Interactive choice based game like Dark Pictures Anthology or Detroit: Become Human with your own interactive Star Wars series where you make the choices as to what happens in the story
    - Watch Dogs team to make Legion style game where you form your own Rebel/Resistance cell again Empire/First Order on specific planet with multiple characters and abilities
    - Devolver Digital to make Super Star Wars: Super Skywalker Saga with retro graphics and all 9 movies. Devolver recently stated they'd love to do a game now the license is open.

    Anything else is just gravy.

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