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    There are 3 comic stores in town , 2 I shop at , one is "That" store

    Rude , Clickish and just not a friendly place,

    not my story but my all time favorite about Night Flight Comics in Salt Lake

    A customer broke a seal on a box of a $7 toy , so the manager locked the door called 911 and held the customer and her friend hostage for 45 min until the police showed up to let them go.

    Salt lake tribune newspaper archive article

    I thought it was the most hilarious thing I had ever heard , but I've met the manager

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    Before he closed his UNfriendlyLCS his interest in my Walking Dead #1 was unpleasantly covetous. This was during TWD TV hype & whenever I went in, I was "that guy with a TWD#1". That guy? Fuck him.

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