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I’m going to try to channel that kind of optimism and hope things settle down in the weeks after the finale. Or that it dies down around Falcon and the Winter Soldier without losing fan interest and enthusiasm. I don’t want Star Wars level of toxic to take Wanda down just as she’s finally beginning to rise again.
What I think has been the really shining diamond in all of the glory of the show and since Endgame is that Wanda’s character has been rising above any debates like those, she is being major and more embracing by the fandoms that watch the MCU and the general public, it is honestly a phenomenon that I never expected to happen but after Endgame it began.

I think it is cause fans got time to know and grow with her and as they grew with her so did those that learned More about her from the comics lore. This has all mixed into a perfect storm that has come together as a character that fans grew to become attached to both for her powers and the likable charm she has thanks to Miss Olsen both in and off screen.

We have seen this especially after episode 8 when Wanda’s struggles torn at everyone’s hearts and what she has gone threw and her journey to this point and the image of the Scarlet Witch from the mind stone has come to destiny coming for her time.

Fans got a chance to chew the time with Wanda and whatever none cameos happen, it is the internet and fan embracing of her that has truly impressed me and shows this is an engraving of her more then anything else out of this in the views mind and embrace!