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    Quote Originally Posted by Restingvoice View Post
    Exactly. They invest a lot on a wedding that's not even happening because it's Batman.

    Aquaman's got a movie that people like, so while maybe it's not gonna be as big a deal as Batman, there should be something. I didn't pay attention to DC output lately but I should hear something about it. I was like casually browsing and there was nothing.

    Their child got more attention, to be fair, since it's a new character, especially once Future State hits, but there still should be something for the wedding too.

    Though I think... DC does this sometimes... because people already assume that Aquaman and Mera are King and Queen of Atlantis, and classically they're married, it's nothing new. The little girl is new, but their relationship isn't, so it's not considered a big deal.
    DC didn't exploit the issue to bring in readers for a book that needed badly a sales lift, Dc fans didn't even know what was happening. They found out after the issue or just on the eve of its release. Not everyone reads or has twitter!
    And no it was not because people think of them as married, otherwise it wouldn't explain why the creative team using their own Twitter pages tried to promote the event with all means at their disposal, while Dc just issued a tweet 2/3 days before. Its all about marketing and the priorities DC has for its characters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skyvolt2000 View Post
    NO there is not.

    There are two-three comics book NOT by Marvel or DC or Boom (looking at you Power Rangers) that toss out an average of 6 variants a MONTH.

    Zombie Tramp is on this week's FOC. Know how many variants that book has EVERY MONTH? 6. It is at issue 78. 498 covers in all.

    Batman-the current run has 345 out of 105 issues.
    Star Wars (previous run) had 333 out of 75 issues.
    Star war (current) 21 out of 10 issues.
    Black Panther since 2016 has 106.
    Priest's Vampirella has 150 out of 19 issues.
    X-Men Red tossed out 41.

    Yet I bet when folks visit stores they have NOT see all 498 covers or Zombie Tramp on shelves. Because LOL stores don't order all those covers.
    So what is the DIFFERENCE?

    Oh that is right-there is a DEMAND for those variants from Marvel and DC. Like I have pointed out in the past-I know a store owner who has customers that will buy EVERY variant of a book (first issue that is). In fact they do it for EVERY new book at Marvel and DC and Power Rangers.

    Meanwhile I went to a comic con and ANOTHER store owner was have variant cover blow out from his 6 stores. All books $2. I spent $20. Adding up the prices on those variants-$250. One of those DC variants that I got for $2 is listed on Midtown for $80. Another at $50.

    There is no elephant in the room. Dc and Marvel are doing what the FANS are allowing them to do.

    See I can understand doing more than 2 variants for a book.
    I can excuse the Wonder Woman 84 movie variants because that was for the movie. Same with Eternals, Justice League, Wanda Vision and so on.
    I understand tv photo covers that IDW does with Star Trek & CSI.

    I do have an issue when it's done for GREED-Jim Lee trading card covers. A LOT don't need to be made.
    Some of those can be PRINTS.
    Why don't you just subscribe to those comic books or download them?

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