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    Quote Originally Posted by Nomads1 View Post
    Yeah, in my personal draft of the idea, we'd have Ayla Ardeen (Pulse), Telepathy and electricity generation. Driven, focused, though occasionally lets her fiery temper get the best of her, or D’ana Morgana (Inferno), illegitimate Daughter of Sun Boy. Half Tamarian. Chip on her shoulder, or Gen Arrah (Alchemist), the son of Element Lad. Needs physical contact for his powers to work. Can transmute own body. Calm, collected and highly spiritualized or Adrin Londo (Lone Wolf). Timber Wolf’s illegitimate kid. Enhanced physical abilities and senses on par with his old man, coupled with the training he received from his adoptive father, Sensei, Karate Kid’s master, make him a force to be reckoned with. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. As the name states, not a people person. Among many others. IMHO, this take would allow us to play a lot with nostalgia, paying homage to a lot of the past Legions' history, while allowing to chart a new path.

    Also in my personal draft I'd have Rokk Krinn, as the inheritor o the R.J. Brande fortune, and assisted by Nura Nal’s precog guidance, goes on to fund and form a new Legion of Super-Heroes. Among the new Legion’s allies and supporters are United Planets Councilor Queen Projectra, Mars Science Police Chief Jacques Foccart, galactic talk show celebrity super-star Tenzil Kem and UP Fleet Admiral Gim Allon. Universally renowned and wanted smuggler Jade Dragon, in reality former Legionnaire Jo “Ultra Boy” Nah, is also an unexpected and frequent ally.
    In the team itself, we'd have Querl Dox II (Brainiac 6), in reality the original Querl Dox (Brianiac 5) in a younger cloned body, after his original was basically destroyed during an experiment. Brash, arrogant, Lar Gand (Mon-El). Freed once again from his self-imposed exile in the Phantom Zone, following a long recovery on Daxam from wounds suffered at the hands of the FF. Though he’d rather have nothing to do with the Legion, Mon is a great inspiration for the new Legion, and some practically worship him. While a little given to bouts of melancholy, Mon-El is still the calm and self-assured man that used to inspire his teammates and Drake Boroughs (Wildfire). As an energy being, still alive after all these centuries. But is it really Wildfire? Brash, unpleasant.

    great idea well thought out just in a thread that seems much more thought out and enjoyable and therefore profitable than what DC invested money and time into (the Bendis Legion). Not exactly how I would do it but I would buy it and give it a chance. I like the pitch. How can DC green light what they did? It's Bendis and he wants it and he'll put jon in it, that's all it seems they went with, on a property that had been mothballed for a while. If you are going to bring back a once great franchise you have to bring them back better than this. I should have known when those Legion millennium issues didn't move me a millimeter (I would say inch but an inch is too far).

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordUltimus View Post
    Make the Legion adults but actually change their names instead of being like Johns and too much of a fanboy to change them.
    Hasn't that happened before? Imra becoming Saturn Woman?
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    I’m surprised outside of comics, DC hasn’t tried to boost this franchise. Yes there was a cartoon 15 years ago. But now we’re running high in comic adaptations, where stuff like Doom Patrol and Suicide Squad are across different media.

    Hot looking teen superheroes and aliens in futuristic setting. Why’s no one trying to adapt this?

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    A lot set of good ideas than could had been applied insted reboot number whatever.
    BUt I just wonder if it is unfair blame Bendis for this reboot. Maybe it was DiDio initiative and Bendis was the charged with the job.
    "But was it worth it to try and appeal to new, younger readers if it meant alienating a large portion of the existing long-term fan base?"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nomads1 View Post
    Gen Arrah (Alchemist), the son of Element Lad. Needs physical contact for his powers to work. Can transmute own body. Calm, collected and highly spiritualized
    I had the same idea. A child of Element Lad and a non-Tromnian (Shvaugn, for instance) could have only the power to transmute her own body into any pure element (so mercury would be her only liquid form at room temperature, barring some future-babble made-up elements, which I'd want to avoid, since that's just lazily making up new powers for someone who already has a ton of options, rather than picking up a damn science book and figuring out how turning into Titanium, or Nitrogen, can save the day).

    A child of Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl could have the ability to generate electricity internally only, able to shock someone touched, but more significantly to boost their own physical (and mental!) speed and strength, moving like Timber Wolf as long as the charge lasts (and has touch range telepathy from mom, but he can't do long range telepathy any more than he could throw lightning bolts like dad).

    A child of Ayla and Salu, on the other hand, might shrink, reducing her mass into electrical energy in the process, creating a *ton* of destructive power, the more she shrinks. But she needs a source of electricity to 'grow' back to her original size, so if she drops the bomb on someone with a mega-dose of electricity, she doesn't have that energy to reconvert into mass, and is stuck at wee size until she can find some 'juice!'

    Fun stuff like that. Not 'oh, I can shrink *and* throw lightning bolts,' or 'I'm a Daxamite who *also* has shadow-powers!'

    At least part of the fun of the Legion, for me, is that they are a team, and, generally, no one Legionnaire can handle any situation. They cover for each other. Some have great defenses, but weak offense (Brainiac 5, Phantom Girl). Others have great offense, but bupkiss for defense (Sun Boy, Lightning LaX). Together, they fight crime!

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    Quote Originally Posted by docgymll View Post
    I don't understand why DC has yet to announce what's going on with this book. I'm one of those who's been enjoying Bendis' run on LSH, but then again I've enjoyed every incarnation of these characters, so maybe I'm just easy to please. I realize it's not everyone's cup of tea, and I won't be shocked if it's officially cancelled. But why not just announce it already? Why the big mystery? Even if DC editorial is so screwed up they just sort of "forgot" to announce it was killed, why hasn't Bendis said anything?
    Getting back to the original question, I hope that Future State: LSH is some sort of reason that nothing has been said to avoid spoiling this story. To be honest, Legion does not seem to be one of DC's major publications and they (seem to) feel a few months off wouldn't be an issue.

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