'sup, it's friday, I'm freaky (not like THAT), so let's have some fun; take any character at DC and make a case for them taking up the mantle of a different hero (or villain). alignment don't matter, age don't matter, hell you can even swap them. go crazy!

off top of my head (not really making a case for them right now but..):
  • Victor Stone as The Transhuman, Mr. Terrific
  • Kendra Saunders as The Savage Wonder Woman
  • Bruce Wayne as leader of the Sinestro Corps
  • Tim Drake as The Question
  • Jessica Cruz as Aztek, The Ultimate Woman
  • Luke Fox as The Unstoppable Steel
  • David Zavimbe as Lord Battle
  • J'onn J'onezz as Indigo-1
  • Naomi McDuffie as Wonder Girl
etc etc etc...