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    Default Katana: Should Maseo's soul finally be free from the Soultaker?

    So, Brandon Thomas is continuing with The Outsiders post-Future State with a featuring in Urban Legends. the solicit for Urban Legends #2 just dropped and in the description for part 2 of his story it alludes to Maseo no longer being in the Soultaker blade and Katana having to deal with the fall out if that. now, solicits are notoriously misleading, so we won't know for sure until the issue comes out, but, here's my question: Should Maseo's soul be free from the Soultaker? Should be be resurrected? what do you think would Katana's motivation afterward? should they swap? what're y'all thoughts on Katana's relationship with her "late" husband?
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    Well, it's kind of been the main gimmick of her modern incarnation, but we could probably stand to give her something new to mention every guest appearance or so...

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    It's a new frontier so why not

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