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    Quote Originally Posted by numberthirty View Post
    Not really.

    With Deadpool?

    Your pretty squarely in "Anti-Hero..." territory.

    He isn't fundamentally the villain in that film.
    Deadpool isn't a clown.

    Deadpool isn't really a complete anti hero

    Deadpool is an R Rated satire comedy, Joker isnt.

    Deadpool never made a billion dollars.Joker did.

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    The film's main weakness is that it tried to be a Joker movie. As a movie about the descent of a mentally ill loner into madness, it is superb. And superbly ... depressing. I don't think I've walked out of a movie with that combination of bleak despair and overwhelming hopelessness since sometime in the 1970s.

    So I liked the movie, with those caveats. Its worth seeing, but maybe see the original, gritty 1970s stuff first so you know what it is doing.

    By the way, the soundtrack of Joker is worth the price of admission alone. One could do a study on how the tracks melded with what was going on on-screen.
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    I don't think people dislike it so much as (rightly) say it's very over-hyped. That doesn't mean it's bad. Pretty much everyone agreed Phoenix was great, the score was great, cinematography was gorgeous and it's a huge achievement that the film was such a hit (both commercially and critically) considering it could have sooooo easily been a cheap cash-grab in a franchise. I think the backlash is purely at the hype (and over-hype) from fans.
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