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  • Dick Grayson

    3 3.53%
  • Bruce Wayne

    17 20.00%
  • Cassandra Cain

    18 21.18%
  • Richard Dragon

    10 11.76%
  • Lady Shiva

    16 18.82%
  • Bronze Tiger

    9 10.59%
  • Connor Hawke

    1 1.18%
  • Black Canary

    7 8.24%
  • Ra's al Ghul

    1 1.18%
  • Jason Todd

    3 3.53%
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    Default Best Fighter in DC [Poll]

    Who is the best fighter in DC? Vote here!

    All theoretical matchups to determine the best are purely hand to hand, testing a characters full strength, speed, agility, skill and wits.

    I've excluded super enhanced characters like Deathstroke and Midnighter. Characters with inconsistent feats (Prometheus) or little wider exposure (Constantine Drakon - although his speed feats would classify as metahuman anyway) aren't included either. Of course, Val Armorr (Karate Kid) is excluded, otherwise he would obviously steamroll the competition.

    My ranking is:
    1. Cassandra Cain
    2. Richard Dragon
    3. Lady Shiva
    4. Bronze Tiger
    5. Dick Grayson
    6. Bruce Wayne
    7. Connor Hawke
    8. Jason Todd
    9. Black Canary
    10. Ra's al Ghul

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    Why is Val Armorr excluded? I came in here to vote for him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caj View Post
    Why is Val Armorr excluded? I came in here to vote for him.
    Because he so obviously wins every time. At least with something like Richard Dragon vs. Cassandra Cain, there's at least a discussion to be had about who would win. Put Val against anyone on this list and he wins easily. It's like putting the Kid Flash on a "Who's the fastest Teen Titan" thread. I've just removed the obvious winner and the superhuman martial artists to make the thread a little more interesting than Val stomps.
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    Voted for Bruce.
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    Why is Jason on this list

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    Cassandra Cain gets my vote.
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    I don't think Bruce should ever be included in the best fighters list. I mean he is a top tier fighter but I feel he's more of a benchmark that separates the A tier and the S tier. The real dispute is between the O-trio (Bronze Tiger, Lady Shiva, Richard Dragon), Cassandra Cain, and Black Canary. my rankings

    1. Cassandra Cain - she's basically a metahuman with how good she is, and she's younger so she'll only get better. if she hasn't surpassed everyone else, she will.

    i believe these next three are actually interchangeable (when written properly) and slightly edge each other out in particular techniques. if I had to rank them arbitrarily

    2. Lady Shiva - Shiva first because she's stayed consistently deadly and relevant.
    3. Bronze Tiger - Ben goes here because, even though his skill waxes and wanes, he is always a top tier contender and I can see him being one good story away from reaching new heights. he got my vote just because I like him
    4. Richard Dragon - I put Richard Dragon arbitrarily last for the trio because his star faded once the white savior trope died off and I don't see him ever reaching the same heights again short of a reinvention.

    5. Black Canary - underrated combatant for a while but she's getting her due now more than before. I think she could outfight most of the others on the list.
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