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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreaded Porcupine View Post
    I definitely sided with the Hulk. I wanted to see him bust everybody up and he did. Especially Wolverine. He banged his brain off of the inside of his skull repeatedly. That was awesome!
    At that point, after what had gone down in Civil War, I wouldn't entirely blame you.

    Quote Originally Posted by jackolover View Post
    I don’t recall people in the MU siding with the Hulk no matter what reason he had for tearing up New York, and their planet. To me, getting evacuated from your home, in case the Hulk destroys everything in NY because he has a beef with his old team mates, is no reason to side with the Hulk. To me he is the most frightening thing since Galactus, but people in the MU didn’t even see Galactus. Everybody saw the Stone Ship arrive, and then the Hulk busted Starks building like 9/11. And you can’t chase the Hulk away like Terrorists. But that’s just setting up the fear that Hulk instills in the MU.

    When Hawkeye killed Bruce Banner it was seen as a sane response because you know World Breaker Hulk is just under the skin, somewhere. Not that the people of the MU dislike the Hulk, but it’s like keeping a powder keg next door, like in Lebanon last year when that storage factory blew the city apart. You don’t keep the Hulk on Earth. I was more thinking the People of the MU agreed with the Illuminati to send the Hulk to another planet. Killing Banner was the next step.

    But it comes down to what do the people of the MU think is allowable as to justice for super humans? Is execution acceptable? To my mind, the people of the MU made their choice. It’s easier to kill super humans than have them be a threat.

    I know Iron Man had an opinion about that because Tony Stark was afraid the super hero community would get the “Watchmen” happening in the MU and that would eliminate all superhumans altogether, so Tony did not want a trigger point, and letting Hawkeye get away with killing the Hulk was unacceptable to that logic of not starting a process where superhumans became pariahs on Earth. The Earth needed super humans.
    The Hulk is an extreme outlier, yes, but the argument could be made that the destruction he caused was on the Avengers' heads for having tolerated him to the extent that they had, so in that sense, would Heroes Reborn Hyperion be in the right for having killed him so ruthlessly and viciously back in issue 2?
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    These are the same people who want mutants slaughtered so this is just the next step

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