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    Default Ferigno Hulk vs My Favorite Martian

    Ferigno Hulk vs My Favorite Martian

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    Been a long time since I've seen the MFM television show. I quick check reminds me that Uncle Martin seems to have had three basic powers: levitation, invisibility and mind-reading.

    The mind-reading isn't going to help much since he apparently didn't have mind control. To the best of my memory, he only levitated small objects and could not levitate himself. However, given 100 feet in every direction, he could evade the Hulk for a long time. Unless he has some sort of standard power I'm forgetting, the Hulk eventually hits him.

    I know it's not a scenario but I'm going to say the Hulk recognizes Uncle Martin as someone he knew in a previous life (Tim O'Hara). He calms down and changes back to David Banner whom Uncle Martin recognizes as Tim and they get along fine.
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