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    Default Elephantmen - changing publisher?

    So I just happened to notice that on Comixology Elephantmen suddenly made a jump in the last few days to being published by "Comicraft Presents" and appears to be pulled from Image Comics listings there; plus all references to it on Image Comics website have vanished too - at least store wise. Yet I can't seem to find any reference to this being a formal pre-arranged shift; or at least my googling hasn't resulted in any news from this year about it. Just wondering if anyone knows what's up and why the sudden changes.

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    I've seen them under comiXology Originals for several months. I've always thought they were out of Image since then.

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    Comicraft is the name of Richard Starkings' company, they mostly produce fonts as far as I know, but I guess he's adding a publishing label? I don't remember precisely when Elephantmen wrapped with Image, but in 2018 Starkings did another 5 issue mini-series with them called The Beef. So I'm assuming the transfer happened somewhere around/after that timeframe.

    It's creator owned after all so maybe he wants a closer grasp on (digital) distribution? Just speculating of course.
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    Elephantmen "ended" with issue 80. I assume that's when it stopped being published by Image. It seems everything published after that has been through Comixology?

    I don't reed the book, so I'm not 100% sure.

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