View Poll Results: Who should be in the X-Men?

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  • Armor

    18 5.88%
  • Banshee

    42 13.73%
  • Boom-Boom

    15 4.90%
  • Cannonball

    13 4.25%
  • Forge

    9 2.94%
  • Marrow

    28 9.15%
  • Polaris

    54 17.65%
  • Strong Guy

    7 2.29%
  • Sunspot

    42 13.73%
  • Tempo

    78 25.49%
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    It's a bunch of people who get screen-time anyway. Good grief.

    Vote Marrow.
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    Holy shit, I hope Tempo makes it.

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    Polaris. Would love to see Hickman take her on full time.

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    Forge gets my vote, easily.
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    I think Tempo and Banshee should be given some love.

    i mean we only over see Banshee in fight scenes.

    Has he even talked yet.

    And Tempo would be a great choice because she is of MLF perspective and POC/LGBT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
    I put this in the Lorna thread. I dont know why they put her and other people that are currently in ongoings on there, as its highly unlikely that they will end up being on this team for obvious reasons. I dont think this would bode well for them anyway as Hickman clearly doesnt really want them if their inclusion would only be dependent on a fan vote. That final member seems to be inconsequential.
    Or they just rig the vote so the person who was supposed to be part of the team gets picked anyway and they just create the illusion of said character having been chosen by popular demand.

    I could be wrong, but i don't think such an online vote is legaly binding for them.

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    Either Tempo, Banshee, Marrow, or Strong Guy all have a connection to the X-men and plausible membership. Although, I'm leaning towards Tempo what with her being a former villain, a WOC, and having a backstory that isn't very fleshed out. She could make a wonderful addition to any team plus wasn't she mentioned a possible substitute for Tempus? Banshee would be another who hasn't had consistent focus for at least 15 years and could use being a member of a title like this.

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    so difficult. I find them all a little meh.

    Armor or Marrow for me. I think I go for powers I like.

    Marrow always deserved better. She could have been a bloody fantastic character with such a great design and gorgeous disgusting powers. She was never used properly by most authors.

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    I voted Tempo, I know who everyone else is, no idea who tempo is.
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    Pretty weak selection and I really don't see why Polaris is a option since she is on X-Factor. That said I'm voting for my guy Sunspot.

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    Jesse Bedlam! MAGA!!

    ...if not then give us Sunspot!
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    I voted for Sunspot because Hickman writes him well and he’s not currently appearing in anything.

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    omg all the Tempo love fills me with joy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steroid View Post
    Pretty weak selection and I really don't see why Polaris is a option since she is on X-Factor. That said I'm voting for my guy Sunspot.
    The selection isn't good, lot of characters that already show up in others books. I'm not a fan how Hickman regressed Sunspot

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    Quote Originally Posted by salarta View Post
    So these are my thoughts, which I may add to later.

    If Lorna had been given proper treatment and respect these past few years, I would say she shouldn't be on the list. For one, a lot of other characters on the list aren't as known as her and deserve a shot too. For another, I've always said my view is Lorna's an A-lister that Marvel keeps treating like she's a D-lister, meaning she should be so respected and well used in general by the company that she wouldn't end up on a poll like this to begin with.

    But, circumstances being what they are, I support her being on the poll.

    Which then gets us to the voting.

    I doubt she's going to win. Not from lack of interest or potential, but because Marvel's essentially stacked the deck against her.

    For one, many people on the voting thread have already said they're not voting for her entirely because she's "already on X-Factor." That they'd vote for her if she wasn't already on a book, any book, no matter what it is or what it's doing with her. For another, we have X-Factor fans who have a vested interest in Lorna staying on X-Factor - meaning if joining X-Men means Lorna leaving X-Factor, those fans will not only not vote for Lorna, they'll try to dissuade others from voting for her too. Third, we have the potential impact of how Marvel's been treating her. With the way Marvel's treated her these past few years, I can very easily see a casual fan, not aware of Lorna's true potential (as Marvel's been misrepresenting and misusing her), deciding she's "not interesting" enough to vote for. Lastly, timing and reach has an impact. What are the chances of all Lorna fans voting in the poll before it closes on February 2?

    All of the above assuming the poll is truly, genuinely allowing fans to vote instead of being a PR ploy and the character's already been decided. And it has IP detection and similar tools to ensure a single fan or group of fans can't repeatedly vote for their faves.

    All of that said, I'm still planning to vote for Lorna, and to encourage others to vote for her too. It's a bit like voting in U.S. elections in general. Even if you think it's rigged or your candidate has no chance, it doesn't hurt to submit a ballot anyway. Worst case scenario is you just wasted a little time. Best case scenario, you're wrong and they win. Or the company might see interest in spite of their past actions working against her. Either way, you're demonstrating your interest and intent (that Lorna deserves better from Marvel) by the act of your vote.
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