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    Default what abilities would the offspring of Wonder Woman and Supernan have?

    what kind of superheroes would they be?

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    Well hopefully none, as in, they wouldn't exist. Clark and Diana shouldn't be a couple because people always base that relationship on either their powers or them being "outsiders". Neither of these things are good for either character.

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    The offsprings of Superman and Wonder Woman would basically have all the powers of their parents plus a certain immunity to Kryptonite and magic, in addition to probably possessing unknown and almost infinite powers as we see with Jon in Golden Child. A child of both would be the most powerful being in the DC universe, as well as being a completely blank page for creating new skills. Whoever likes and understands the characters and the couple knows well that as important as their powers and origin are the strong, incorruptible personalities, kindness, courage and correctness. A child born of the personifications of Hope, Kindness, Truth and Love would be a God.

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    Well for one they would not be a carbon copy of Clark or Diana, like most other superboys or wondergirls, thus making the offspring really different and unpredictable. Real wildcards. As Deia pointed out there is the matter of it being a union (depending on Diana's origin/ parentage) a mixture of kryptonian, amazons of Themyscira, who were essentially humans souls resurrected and gifted by the Gods, Olympian Deity eg Zeus. So mythic/ magical heritage added to the alien one.

    Comics have briefly touched on kids of Clark and Diana and we have not really gotten a chance to see the extent of their powers. But they would be powerful, and there would be no question as to how or why because their parents are two of the most revered/ top tier of the DCU. Of course their they would need training and guidance and who better than the two most noble heroes as parents? With Godfather Bruce as in Kingdom come. And foes would fear the union for this. Fact was the first thing Argus and Luther worried about. Or in some cases villains would want the children.

    Jonathan from the Kingdom. aka Hyperman who is a guardian of Hypertime. So he IS pretty powerful I would say as he can traverse the timestream . He was kidnapped by Gog.

    Lara she has inherited all her father's powers with variations and has Amazon training.

    Jonathan The Golden Child, according to his sister , is something new, never seen before. He is touted to be the most powerful atm of the DCU according to Miller and Grampa. He is like a little Buddha. At age 4 he speaks and acts like an old soul. He seems to have precognition. He flies etc and has something called "Neutron Vision" that too on Darkseid's Omega Effect. It seems he can teleport and possesses psycho kenesis. Both children were coveted by Darkseid because he wanted to groom them to use them as weapons to conquer worlds.

    Zod. Son of Lord Superman and Wonder Woman. Kryptonian powers and telekenesis.

    Bruce. Distant Fires. He was given a power ring and battery. He was born to SM and WW when both had lost their abilities so not sure if he had any. I assume he became a Green Lantern.

    Hunter. They said SM was just his adopted father , which is odd because he has all his powers including flight and Rebirth WW was not born with that gift as she was post crisis. Plus if his "father" was the black Parasitic goo called the Darkness they claimed violated WW, writer seemed to forget that evil part of him. But he has training in weaponry like his mother.

    Reality bending baby from Act of God.

    I think a child could have a variety from flight, heat vision, invulnerability, immunity to Kryptonite to animal empathy to even tossing Thunderbolts.
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    Depends on the kid, each kid could have a different variation of powers or more focus on one power coming from a Kryptonian and a sometimes child of a God:
    Kid A - God like Strength, Immortality, Regeneration, Weak against magic but not Kryptonite
    Kid B - Super Strength, Super Speed, Flight, Eye Beams, Freeze Breath, Super Hearing, Weak against magic and Kryptonite
    Kid C - Absorb sunlight into energy beams, God like Speed, No weaknesses

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