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    Great job seismic!
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    Congratulations to seismic-2, and thank you and Speed Force League Unlimited for the two votes for me!
    Quote Originally Posted by Speed Force League Unlimited View Post
    Ravin' Ray for the funny picture that shows a crowd in the elevator in this time where nobody is allowed that, or walk in buildings without a face mask.
    Quote Originally Posted by seismic-2 View Post
    Ravin' Ray, since the crowded elevator shows how different "normal" was from the current situation, and why "normal" is not necessarily something to look forard to.
    Posting that cover reminded me of a spooky elevator experience years ago. A friend and I watched a radio station's advanced screening of The Sixth Sense one evening, after which we decided to visit the station which was nearby as we knew the DJ on-board. When we left him the elevator suddenly came to a halt and the lights went out; after several seconds the door opened, to our horror, on the dimly-light 13th floor! We pressed the close button immediately and scooted out of the building as fast as we could.
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