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Thread: Andor TV Series

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Craig View Post
    Dedra was/is a good character but she is immediately on the heels of having just had a tough as nails female antagonist on Obi-Wan with Inquisitor Reva.
    To each their own, but Reva was...not very good. I respect the fact that they swung for the fences when they created her but they struck out.
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    I thought the show was brilliant and the best written Star Wars project since Rogue One.

    I would consider it “Star Wars for adults” but I mean it not in a pretentious way. Despite having a sci fi space setting and taking place in the Star Wars universe, I don’t think much of the show would keep a kid’s attention. There’s no Jedi, lightsaber duels, alien sidekicks (or cute baby Yodas), or big romances. This show is more along the lines of an AMC drama. So I’m really not surprised that the ratings weren’t great.

    There’s some very dark themes and I love the shades of gray of the characters. The theme of characters losing their souls in this part of the Star Wars universe isn’t referring to the dark side of the magical force, but doing messed up stuff for the greater good of an insurgency.

    When Lonni Jung accuses Luthen of not risking or sacrificing anything and he responds with that amazing monologue and tells him what he has to live with. That was pretty powerful.
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    ^Not a lot of the usual X-wings/TIE fighters/Star Destroyers/Stormtroopers/Walkers either, apart from a few select scenes. Info and opinions on a variety of interests.

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