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    Quote Originally Posted by Angilasman View Post
    By the logic of the original post: Hellboy the Return is gonna knock our socks off in 20+ years.
    Hahaha, I was thinking the same thing...

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    There are some interesting insights in this thread, but I would have always thought that a definitive end would attract more readers.

    I mean that is how I got into Hellboy, I came to the Hellboy Forum specifically to ask how to collect and read the books because I heard it was ending.

    I think for the general public they prefer a story with a ending especially written by the creator of said story.

    Think about Game of Thrones and its fans who have been waiting years for a new book; why would I ever start reading it if I know there is no end?

    Hellboy is funny because it is a comic property as well as a literary work, and I am willing to bet that the omnis and library editions are doing extremely well for Mignola.

    Would I like to see more Hellboy stories that take place after the end sure, but now I can enjoy the treat of a 3 issue arc, one shot, or OGN, that might pop up now and again.

    I am really glad that Mignola ended it on his own terms, especially since I have been reading Claremont's X-Men run and to hear what happened to him; I am really glad that Mignola holds the keys to the kingdom.

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    Maybe the issue is not that it ended, but how it ended?

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