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    Default Explain This, Comics Guys!! - A Podcast About Comicbook History

    Hi all! I'm Darren Watts, co-host of Explain This, Comics Guys!!. a podcast where every other week we take a topic from comics history and explain it all for you. We've covered topics like publishing company histories, confusing characters, and creator conflicts - our most recent episode is about Marvel and DC's pastiche versions of each other's characters, from the Squadron Supreme to the Justifiers. Please check us out here:

    Thanks and good listening! dw

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    Welcome to CBR ExplainThis.

    Bookmarked for later.
    There came a time when the Old Gods died! The Brave died with the Cunning! The Noble perished locked in battle with unleashed Evil! It was the last day for them! An ancient era was passing in fiery holocaust!

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    Guns! Pockets! Capes a mile long! Gritted teeth and no feet! That's right, True Believers, this week Explain This Comics Guys!! takes on the History of Image Comics Part One and it's rat-tails and knife-pistols everywhere around here!!


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    Explain This, Comics Guys!! celebrates our 20th episode with Part 2 of The History Of Image Comics!! Misseth it not!!


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    I am really enjoying your guys podcast
    Favorite teams. Alpha Flight, Avengers, Fantastic Four, West Coast Avengers, Justice Society of America, Legion of Superheroes.

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    Coming to you live from the battlefields of the Siancong War, it's Explain This, Comics Guys!! This week we take on Floating Comicbook Timelines, or how the relentless march of history has garbled the backstories of so many of our apparently ageless heroes!!

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