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    Quote Originally Posted by Vakanai View Post
    A timeline doesn't correct mis-characterizations. Writers can be fully aware of and agree on a timeline, and still write the personalities wrong.
    Yes...? You seem to think I disagree with that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vordan View Post
    So Second Son will be Jaceís origin and then The Next Batman will be Jace being Batman? Sounds cool. The FS Next Batman was ok, it felt like Batman, and I get that is a weird complaint to have, but I was really hoping to see some more of the differences between Jace and Bruce. Still Iím curious to see how he became Batman and Iím interested in seeing where Ridley plans to take him. Iíll give this a shot.
    In the same boat as you. Looking forward to it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caivu View Post
    Yes...? You seem to think I disagree with that.
    I thought you were suggesting it did? Eh, misunderstanding I suppose, apologies.

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