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    Default Black Panther 23 Review - Spoilers Coates Finally Returns!!!

    Black Panther 23 Review

    The issue starts where we left off in issue 22. The galactic Wakandan memories are restored based to the ancestors' sacrifice and it results in chaos among N'Jadaka forces. N'Jadaka destroys the ships of his own army as some of the Wakandan who memories are restored begin to fight back. He is in a seemingly weakened state due to not being able to control the symbiote and has an internal dialogue with the symbiote essence. With the gate to wakandan prime disabled the Symbiote essence states they will strike the Wakandan empire with the strength of Gods.

    The story shifts back to Wakanda Prime where Tchalla gives a riveting speech ahead of the invasion they are expecting from N'Jadaka and his forces. He honors Nakia's sacrifice and ask if she made the ultimate sacrifice what will they do. It then cuts to Zenzi and Bast having a conversation where Zenzi expresses that N'Jadaka is growing weak due to not being able to properly host the symbiote but Bast reassures her the orisha are never alone.

    Back in Wakanda prime, the Orisha have ominously assembled after T'Challa speech. Shuri believes this to be a sign they are there to support in their fight against the galatic wakandans but Ororo cautions that their silence is not an indication of their favor. It is here that she finally accepts her godhead and states she is a part of the Wakandan Pantheon. Jericho agrees with Storm to be cautious of the Orisha presence.

    The story the transitions to another location in Wakanda where Ramonda and one of he Mages go to the portal that was closed that locked away the original wakandans. The originators are insulted by her presence and Ramonda essential states she cannot undo the past but can offer them another land in the skies as a form of reparation if they agree to help fight against the common threat that will soon invade wakanda.

    The story then shifts back to Ororo and Tchalla. Though Ororo tries to reassure him, he is unsettled by the Orishas presence and believes the wakandans are being setup. Bast appears and she with the help of the Orisha open a portal that allow Njadaka forces to invade Wakanda. The issue ends with the heroes flying towards the portal for the final battle.

    There also is a marvel voices story but I will not discuss this here as it was a separate story.

    This issue was primarily setup for the last arc of Coates' run but I thought both the story and art were beautiful. Coates ability to take real-world issues (such as reparations) and connecting it in a meaningful way into his story is masterfully done. Wherever you may fall on the topic it causes the reader at least to think about these polarizing topics, which is very much purposeful. Also, seeing these black heroes assembled to help tchalla against this common threat was a nice visual seeing we are in Black history month. This issue is a reminder of the strength of tchalla as leader. The interactions felt very much so organic and not robotic. It was refreshing to see. His ability to inspire and to also have enough foresight to see when he is being duped lets us know Coates' are keen on his assets beyond fist and claws. I'm very excited for the next few issues it should be pretty epic.
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