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    Default Swamp Thing #1-Spoilers and Discussion

    As DC prepare to set out for an Infinite Frontier it decides to put down some roots for an all-new Swamp Thing.....I'm sorry for that pun, I promise not to do it again.

    But I am serious about one thing, here in Ram V's new Swamp Thing mini series we have with us a brand new Swamp Thing. His name Levi Kamei and who he is kind of the mystery of this book, because for all intents and purposes this is a straight up horror and mystery thriller story that is being created here. Because while we know what is going on because of our understanding of Swamp Thing and the dc universe, but for Levi it is almost like he is Jeff Goldblum from the Fly. He's just been through an experience in India that we see hints of and are connected to a dark secret he learned of himself that involves his transformation into the new Swamp Thing. While that is going on we also get to meet our villain in the Pale Wanderer who is a creepy monster killing people in the desert, which I am sure will be trouble for Levi. I can't say I'm completely enthralled by Levi, but the story and mystery itself does draw me in.

    If there is anything else to say, Mike Perkins does wonders for this book. His art and designs just amplify the creepy factor in this story, especially when we see our protagonist transform into Swamp Thing. I knew he was good in Future State but I honestly think that this series would be less worth it if it wasn't for Perkins. Ram does good work, but Perkins really adds to it all.

    Personally I think this is a series to keep an eye on, especially if you are a fan of more darker stories.
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    It reminded me of Immortal Hulk. I'm curious where it's going.

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    When the pale guy started talking about ideas it felt a bit like self-insert, but other than that writing was fine. Art was definitely the best part of this.

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    It was ok

    It was written compentetly but pretty generic.
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