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    Default Marvel Crisis Protocol

    Have any of you played it? Is it worth the money/shelf space given the various expansions? How similar or different is it to Heroclix?

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    I've played it but I prefer Heroclix. The big advantage of Marvel Crisis Protocol is that the figures are all unpainted and unassembled, so there is a hobby component there similar to Warhammer. I personally have no interest in painting figures so I stick to Heroclix.
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    It is more of hard-core hobby miniatures game compared to Clix. About 5-7 people in our Warmachine/Hordes community vouch for it as a good game and one of their favorites for some. You put together teams regardless of hero/villain so its much more driven by gameplay than theme (though temporary team ups and switches happen so you can still have that be thematic). Because its a full on minis game people will typically assemble their particular lists and it is not necessary to buy everything; think of them less like expansions and more like additional army building options. I myself might play some day, but I'm waiting for there to be a 10 person team I can be excited for; so far they've got Magneto, Carnage, and Moon Knight.

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