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    Default Captain Marvel (MCU) vs. Doctor Doom (Movie)

    Captain Marvel


    Doctor Doom
    (Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer)

    Doctor Doom is attacking Paris. Captain Marvel arrives to stop him; however, she quickly discovers the supervillain is in possession of the Silver Surfer's cosmic surfboard.


    -The fight takes place in Paris, France.
    -Live-action versions only.
    -This is the Julian McMahon Dr. Doom.
    -Doom w/ the Silver Surfer's board.

    Who wins?
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    A conventional fight of punching, kicking and blasting between these two would be a really fun match.

    Doom is more durable then people give him credit for and his Board amped blasts are every bit as strong as Carol's. She has him beat in strength, durability and experience however.

    Fun looking fight. Lasts a little while. Carol still wins 10/10.

    Ahem. BUT. That's just the "conventional" battle. Doom doesn't have to play by those rules. The very first thing Doom does is transmute the colonel. Carol has no feats for resisting transmutation, so one clean hit probably turns her into glass/stone or whatever Doom did to the colonel.

    Another interesting possibility is that Carol might actually end up powering Doom up with her energy. I'm not confident on this idea but he did passively absorb cosmic energy and she is literally powered by a primordial cosmic infinity stone.
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